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Obtain information from SanMar's FTP server and store it in a MySQL database.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Download Data

Download data from SanMar.


Source Parameters
ftp_connection required

FTP connection used to access SanMar's data.

data_type required

Select the type of data to download.

ftp_file_path required

Path to the file on the FTP Server where the data exists. Refer to Task Help for more details.

Destination Parameters
mysql_connection required

MySQL database where the data will be stored.

target_table_name required

Table name, in schema.table format, where the deduplicated data will be permanently stored.

staging_table_name required

Table name, in schema.table format, where the FTP file data will be temporarily stored and examined for deduplication.

create_table_if_dne required

If enabled, tables specified that do not exist will be created.