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Obtain the metadata of files stored in S3 and record it in a MySQL database.

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Available Actions

Load File Details

Obtain the last modified datetime and a part of the S3 key value of files stored in an S3 bucket, then record that information in a table in a MySQL database.


Source Parameters

Select the AWS Access Keys to use to access the S3 bucket where the files are stored.


Optional. ARN of an IAM role to use for S3 bucket access.

bucket_shared_config required

Select the Shared Config that contains information about the S3 Bucket where the files are stored.


Path from the starting folder in the S3 Bucket Configuration to the folder where the files are stored.


Specify the number of load records to examine, from most recent and going backwards, when comparing to determine which files have not yet been loaded. If no value is specified, all load records will be examined.


Overwrite existing records for matching files.

Destination Parameters
target_db required

MySQL database where the data will be stored.

table required

Target table name, in schema.table format, where the data will be stored.