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Transform CSV files to Parquet format.

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Available Actions

Transform Format

Read CSV files from an S3 bucket path source, create new files with the content transformed to Parquet format and save them in an S3 bucket path destination.


Source Location
source_s3_bucket_connection required

Obtain CSV files from this S3 Bucket location.


Folder path from the Folder Path Prefix in the Source S3 Bucket Connection to the folder where the CSV files are located.

Source Options

List which columns in the CSV files to include in the output Parquet files. Column names specified should be separated by commas. Numbers can be used in place of names, if the data does not have a title row. Leave this field blank to include all columns.

reprocess required

If enabled, the next run of this Task will transform CSV files that have been recorded as successfully transformed previously again. Any existing Parquet files created from the same source files will be deleted. After the next successful run of this Task, this field will automatically become disabled.

Destination Location
dest_s3_bucket_connection required

Create Parquet formatted files in this S3 Bucket location.


Folder path from the Folder Path Prefix in the Destination S3 Bucket Connection to the folder where the Parquet formatted files will be created.

Destination Options
parquet_compression required

Select the type of compression (if any) to apply to all columns in the Parquet file.

tracking_db required

Connection for the MySQL database to use to record which files have been processed by this task in the past.

tracking_table required

Schema and table name where processed file information is stored within the MySQL database.