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Read data from a MySQL database and load it into a Google Sheet.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Run SQL Query

Execute an SQL Query in a MySQL database and store the results in a Google Sheet.


Source Parameters
source_db required

Select the MySQL database where the query will be executed to find data to load.

sql_steps required

SQL Query to run. Only one SQL step is allowed.


Parameters to use in your SQL Query, if any. Refer to slide out help for more information.

Destination Parameters
google_config required

Credentials to use to authenticate with the Google Cloud Platform.

sheet_url required

Shareable URL link to the spreadsheet containing the sheet where the data will be written.

worksheet_name required

Name of the sheet where the data will be written.

starting_cell required

Top left cell where the data write should begin.

clear_worksheet required

If enabled, all existing data on the Sheet specified will be destroyed prior to new data being written.