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Use data from a MySQL database to create orders on

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Create Orders

Execute an SQL Query against a MySQL database and use the results to create orders on


Source Parameters
source_connection required

Database to run the SQL Query on.

sql_steps required

SQL Query to run. Your SQL Query is restricted to a single statement.


Parameters to use in your SQL Query, if any. Refer to slide out help for more information.

range_start_point required

Integer where the processing of your sequentially sorted data should begin. This field will automatically be updated after each increment is processed.

range_end_point_query required

SQL Query to use to determine the end point of the data to process.

process_increment required

This Task will process your data in increments. Set a value in this field to determine the size of each increment.

Destination Parameters
manageorders_credentials required

Credentials to use to access