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Download data from HubSpot and store it in an S3 bucket.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Download Data

Download data from a HubSpot REST API and upload it to an S3 bucket.


Data Options
data_type required

Select the type of data that you would like to download.

download_all required

Enable to download all records of the type of data selected. If enabled, the Next Run Start Point field is ignored. If disabled, only a maximum of 30 days worth of data will be downloaded, regardless of a date more than 30 days in the past being set for the Next Run Start Point field.

pointer required

Datetime stamp indicating the starting last modified date of data to download if Download All Data is not enabled. The Deals Pipeline type always downloads all data and ignores this field. This field will be automatically updated after each Task run. Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS in UTC timezone.

Hubspot Credentials
hubspot_credentials required

API Key or Access Token to connect to HubSpot.

S3 Information
s3_bucket_connection required

Upload data to this S3 Bucket location.


Folder path from the starting folder in the S3 Connection to the folder where the data will be uploaded.