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Download data from a Google Sheet and store it in a JSON formatted file on S3.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Convert Data

Download data from a Google Sheet, convert it to JSON format and store the converted data in a file in an S3 bucket.


Source Parameters
google_connection required

Credentials to use to authenticate with the Google Cloud Platform.

sheet_name required

Shareable URL link to the spreadsheet containing the sheet with the data to convert.

worksheet_name required

Sheet containing the data to convert.

get_data_with_cell_range required

Range of cells with the data to convert.

Destination Parameters
aws_token_connection required

AWS Access Keys to use to access the S3 bucket.

bucket_shared_config required

Shared Config that contains information about the S3 bucket.


Path from the starting folder in the S3 Bucket Configuration to the folder where the JSON file will be created.

s3_file_name required

Name of the file where the converted data will be stored.


Enable to allow an existing file with the same name in the Target Folder to be overwritten.