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Download data from Zendesk and store it in an S3 bucket.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Download Data

Download data from the Zendesk API and upload it to an S3 bucket.


Zendesk Info
zendesk_credentials required

E-mail Address, password and subdomain used to access Zendesk data.

S3 Information
s3_bucket required

S3 Bucket location where the data will be uploaded.


Path from the starting folder in the S3 Bucket Connection to the folder where the data will be uploaded.

Data Options
data_type required

Select the type of data that you would like to download.

pointer required

Datetime stamp indicating the starting creation date of the data to download. This field will be automatically updated after each Task run. Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS in UTC timezone. Not applicable for Metadata.