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Trigger Databricks jobs to run.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Run Job

Trigger a Databricks job to run with the parameters specified.


Task Parameters
databricks_connection required

Credentials to use to access Databricks.

job_id required

Id of the Databricks job to run.

task_type required

Type of task that the Databricks job will run.


A map from keys to values. Accessible through the dbutils.widgets.get. Example {"name": "john doe", "age": "35"}


Array of strings. Passed to Python file as command-line parameters. Example ["john doe", "35"]


Array of strings. Used to invoke the main function of the main class. Example: ["john doe", "35"]


Array of strings. Passed to spark-submit script as command-line parameters. Example ["--class", "org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi"]

wait_till_done required

Enable to force the Task to wait until the DataBricks job has successfully completed or generated an error.


Number of seconds the Task will wait between each check for job completion.