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Download data from AppsFlyer and store it in S3.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Download Data

Download the selected type of data from the AppsFlyer and store it in an S3 bucket.


Source Parameters
appsflyer_credentials required

API Token to use to authenticate with AppsFlyer.

app_id required

Specify the unique identifier of the App for which data should be downloaded.

data_type required

Select the type of data to download.

download_format required

Store data in the specified format.

pointer required

Date and time where the download should begin. Only data created or updated after this date will be downloaded. This field will automatically be updated after each report is downloaded.

step_size required

Specify the number of days worth of data that each downloaded file should contain.

Destination Parameters
s3_bucket_connection required

S3 Bucket where the data will be stored.


Folder path from the Folder Path Prefix in the S3 Bucket Connection to the folder where the data will be stored.


Add an additional column to the downloaded data recording the datetime (in UTC) when it was downloaded.


Enable to allow an existing file with the same name in the Target Folder to be overwritten.